Let Us Take You To Your Trail Head

Our bike and rider shuttle is awesome! Select where you are starting your ride, and we’ll get you there in style.

Shuttle Rates

Shuttle $23.95 per person
Shuttle With Bike Rental $18.95 per person (bike rental additional)

Shuttle Destinations

Lehigh Gorge State Park
Rock Port 15 miles, White Haven 25 miles

Glen Summit
34 miles

Switchback (Summit Hill)
13 miles

10 miles

20 miles

Questions on Where To Ride? Ask Us!



Biking along the D&L Trail has never been easier! 

The Lehighton Outdoor Center is nestled right on the Lehighton Spur of the Trail – making exploring a breeze!

LOC Biking offers Mountain or Trail bikes for adults and children.

Have younger kids who aren’t quite ready to tackle the trail all on their own? We’ve got you covered. Bring them along with a “Tag-Along” or in a “Caboose”!

Whether you are a first-time rider or a regular Rail/Trail junkie, we can set you up with a cool Specialized® Bicycle and a printed Map. You’ll be off on your own two-wheeled adventure!


Walnutport Wanderer

Start at the LOC, ride through Weissport Square to the Lehigh Canal tow path.  Ride the two sections of trail on either side of the main street seeing the old historic structures along the trail and returning to the LOC.

  • Length: 12 miles
  • Estimated Ride Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes


Riverview Park, Bowmanstown Boat Launch & Back

  • Length: 9.5 miles total
  • Estimated Ride Time: 2 hours

Lehigh Gap Nature Center & Back

  • Length: 14 miles total
  • Estimated Ride Time: 2 hours, 30 minus

Slatington Trail Head & Back

  • Length: 20 miles total
  • Estimated Ride Time: 3 hours

Cove Road Trail Head Treichler’s Bridge & Back

  • Length: 30 miles total
  • Estimated Ride Time: 4 hours

Cementon Trail Head & Back

  • Length: 39 miles total
  • Estimated Ride Time: 5 hours

Altitude Adjustment

Starting at the LOC this loop ride includes the D&L Trail, Bobolink Trail, and upper LNE Trail returning to The LOC.  There is a steep climb and descent on this ride. There is also an overlook above the Lehigh Gap.

  • Length: 13 miles
  • Estimated Ride Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes

Slate Belt Tour

Starting at the LOC this ride includes the D&L Trail to Slatington and the Slate Heritage Trail then return to the LOC.  Along this ride is Bedbug Cave and a covered bridge

  • Length: 26 miles
  • Estimated Ride Time: 3 hours, 40 minutes





After each clinic, all riders are invited for a group ride on the D&L Trail!

These clinics are great for all types of riders – new, seasoned, trails, roads, or mountain! Come to learn some tips, tricks, and new skills!

Each clinic is a BYOB (Bring your own BIKE) event…so bring whatever you’ve got! Don’t have a bike? Call the us to reserve one of our rentals!


Join our Biking team to learn how to Fix-a-Flat while on the go! The clinic is hands-on, so come puncture & patch one of our demo tires! *DISCLOSURE* – You will not be puncturing your own bike tires…just bring your bike along to enjoy a post-clinic ride!


What’s in your Tool Kit
Do you carry a tool kit with you while you ride? Come learn why carrying a tool kit is important and what you might want to put in your own!


Shifting Gears
Your bike has all of these gears to shift…but why? Learn how, and when to use those gears to conserve your energy and make your next ride smooth!


The Right Fit
This clinic focuses on getting your bike to fit you properly and learning what style bike would suit your needs!


Bikers Be Seen
Whether you are riding on the trail or street, during a bright day or dusky evening, it is important for you to stay visible! Join our Bike Crew to learn about what options you have to increase your visibility, and why it is important!


Carrying Cargo
Learn the ins and outs of how to pack your bike for a day ride, an overnighter, or whatever you next adventure may be!


Do you clean your bike after you take it out on the muddy trail? If you do, GREAT! If not…we need to talk. Come learn how to treat your bike to a nice bath, so it will continue rolling smoothly for you!


Questions? Call Us! Our Adventure Specialists in the Biking Department are friendly and fun humans. We are ready for you! (610) 377-1230.